Colleen Low

Marriage Celebrant

Gold Coast Queensland

Getting married in Australia

There is a lot to consider when planning your wedding day. This page will help you with the key legal requirements.

To be legally married in Australia, a man and woman must:

  • not be married to someone else.
  • not be marrying a parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, brother or sister.
  • be at least eighteen years old, unless a court has approved a marriage where one party is aged between sixteen and eighteen years old.
  • understand what marriage means and freely consent to becoming husband and wife.
  • use specific words during the ceremony.
  • give written notice of their intention to marry to their authorised celebrant.

You don't have to be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident of Australia to legally marry here.

You can find marriage visa information on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website, if you hope to live in Australia after your marriage.

Important paperwork

Notice of Intended Marriage form. (Click on the link for a copy of the document)

The Notice of Intended Marriage must be given to the authorised celebrant no earlier than 18 months and no later than one month before the date of the marriage.

A notice expires after 18 months, and a marriage may not be solemnised if the Notice of Intended Marriage was received more than 18 months before the date of the proposed marriage.

Parties are encouraged to produce their evidence of date and place of birth as well as evidence of identity and the end of any previous marriage (if relevant) at the time of lodging the Notice of Intended Marriage.

However, this document may be produced at any time before the marriage is solemnised. For the purposes of complying with the timeframes required for lodging the Notice of Intended Marriage it is sufficient for an authorised celebrant to sight scanned (emailed) or faxed copies of the documents at the time of lodgement of the Notice of Intended Marriage.

I may also ask you to complete a statutory declaration to support your evidence.

The notice may be completed and witnessed outside Australia if required.

Talk to me if there is less than one month before your wedding.

A Prescribed Authority may approve a shorter notice time in some limited circumstances.